Prescription policy

You will have to provide us with a valid prescription for ordering any medication on this website.

As per the policy of the website, you have to email us the copy of the prescription after completing the order process.

  • Please go carefully through the following points of the prescription policy before purchase here.
  • We require you to provide us with a valid prescription which is prescribed by an authorized healthcare provider.
  • Prescriptions must be written in the English language.
  • In order to process your and complete your order, you need to provide us the prescription within 4-5 days from the date of your order.
  • If your prescription doesn't reach us within 4-5 days of your order date so as per the policy, your order may be canceled.
  • Prescription provided to us should be from authorized persons only.
  • If there is any need for additional requirements and information in prescription, our support team will reach out to you.
  • We guarantee and assure you about the confidentiality of any sensitive information on the prescription.

You can send us the scanned copy of your prescription at [email protected]