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Latisse Eyelash Growth Serum

People do not have uniform eyelash growth. Men and women both have different growth rates of eyelashes. The growth rate can decrease with growing age. The Latisse eyelash growth serum is a prescribed eye solution with FDA approval. Doctors and skin specialists recommend using Latisse for their patients. The growth serum has shown proven results in boosting the growth of lashes for men and women. 

It is an external usable serum and not suitable for consumption. There are different doses of the Generic Latisse serum. The dosage varies with the concentration of the Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution in the serum. The dose of the serum depends on the requirements of the individual. So, it is essential to consult a doctor before using it. 

What is Latisse?

The medication Bimatoprost is an ophthalmic solution that gets marketed under the name Latisse. Latisse is a serum or solution that helps in growing thick eyelashes. It is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) standards. The Latisse lash serum has been clinically proven to help with the better growth of eyelashes in both men and women. With Latisse, people can get – 

  • Thicker eyelashes
  • Fuller volume of lashes on the eyelid
  • Darker lashes

Under the clinical trial, the serum has shown a positive result in boosting the growth of lashes. It takes about sixteen weeks to obtain the best outcome on the lashes. It does not guarantee overnight eyelash growth. You have to use an accurate dose of Latisse on the eyelids for a given period to ensure better growth.

What is the generic version of Latisse?

The Latisse serum is a prescription medicine with a composition of 0.03% Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution. The generic version contains 0.3ml of bimatoprost in a 100ml package of Latisse. The 0.03% concentration of Latisse helps in treating elevated intraocular pressure and hypotrichosis of the eyelashes. Generic Latisse belongs to the class of medical drugs – Prostaglandin Agonists and Antiglaucoma. Bimatoprost, present in the serum, is the essential element that helps in bringing an effective outcome to the lashes. 

The component Bimatoprost is also essential to treat glaucoma and gets marketed under the name Lumigan (which is different from Latisse). The 0.03% concentration of bimatoprost in Latisse makes it an eyelash growth booster. If you want to purchase the serum for eyelash growth, ensure to mention the generic version and concentration of Bimatoprost to avoid getting the antiglaucoma medication. 

History of Latisse eyelash serum

Latisse was not discovered in one day, and it took multiple trials and tests to finalize the product composition. In 2001, a medical product was discovered by Allergan that helped in treating elevated intraocular pressure, or IOP. It was a medical optical drop. Patients with IOP started using the eye drop and later discovered that their lashes were growing better. Those applying the drop into their eyes witness gradual growth in their eyelash length. Their lashes grew longer and thicker with a dark color. It was among the positive side effects of the medical solution. Allergan started studying the growth and tested it clinically to prove the matter.

Through research and clinical tests, it was found that Bimatoprost, the active compound in the eyedrop, was the reason behind eyelash growth. Later, it was tested as clinically safe for ophthalmic use. In December 2008, Latisse Australia was approved as an effective remedy for growing bigger and better eyelashes. 

Use of Latisse

The Latisse lash serum is a medical solution for growing eyelashes. People may have thin eyelashes. Some even start losing their eyelashes with growing age or as a side effect of an underlying disease. As a result, people try using cosmetic solutions to make the lashes fuller and thicker. The Latisse is the solution to the problem. With Latisse, you can grow eyelashes within a few weeks. The lashes grow with better color and volume. It is a medically-proven solution with mild or zero side effects. 

The condition of having fewer eyelashes is medically termed Hypotrichosis. Latisse is a proven remedy for treating it. Using Latisse solution on the eyelids daily for a period helps in developing thicker, longer, and fuller eyelashes. 

Dosage information for Latisse

Generic Latisse contains 0.03% Bimatoprost solution in the serum for eyelash growth. Bimatoprost when present in a different concentration can act as an antiglaucoma agent. So, to get the desired outcome on your lashes, you have to ensure purchasing the correct one. It is best to consult a doctor to understand the dosage requirements. 

Usually, doctors prescribe using the serum Latisse on the eyelid skin once every night. It takes about fifteen weeks to notice the full growth of lashes. You should not use the solution multiple times in a day or more than the amount prescribed. Use one drop of the serum on the skin of the eyelid and rub the excess with a clean cloth without letting the solution get into your eyes. 

How to use Latisse for eyelash growth?

The package of Latisse Australia contains printed labels with detailed instructions. Latisse is a serum and not consumable. It needs to get applied to the eyelids to ensure growth. If you visit a doctor with the problem of hypotrichosis, they will prescribe you Latisse and describe the application procedure. 

  • Firstly, wash your face before you go to bed and clean your eyes to remove any makeup from the eyelashes. Also, clean your hands and fingertips to ensure optimal hygiene. Remove contact lenses from the eyes if you wear any. 
  • Put one drop of Latisse eyelash growth serum with 0.03% Bimatoprost on the applicator. Do not pour more than one drop if your doctor has not prescribed it. One drop of Latisse is sufficient to bring the perfect outcome. 
  • Next, brush the applicator with the serum drop on the upper eyelid skin. Focus on the skin portion where the eyelashes grow.
  • If the liquid is in excess and flows from the eyelids, remove it with blotting paper. It should be clean to avoid any infection chances. It is best to use one applicator for one eyelid and dispose of it after use to ensure hygiene. 
  • Do not apply the liquid to the lower eye base for better growth. The serum is suitable for applying to the upper area of the eye. 
  • Continue the process every night before you sleep for at least fifteen weeks. After four months, you can witness effective growth in the eyelids. 

How does Latisse serum work?

Generic Latisse contains bimatoprost, the primary component that boosts eyelash growth. The working procedure of Latisse is unknown, but the effective outcome makes it an exceptional choice for eyelash growth. Bimatoprost, present in Latisse, causes hair growth on the eyelids with a darker color and more volume. It causes pigmentation, because of which the newly grown lashes appear dense. The liquid acts on the skin layer to boost the growth of healthy eyelashes. Repeated use of Latisse works perfectly to stimulate the growth of lashes.

Although the medical action of Latisse on eyelash growth is unknown, experts believe the serum influences the anagen phase of the eyelash hair cycle. The impact of Latisse happens in two ways – 

  • It helps in increasing the length of the Anagen phase
  • It boosts the volume by increasing the number of hairs

What is the best time to use Latisse?

The best time to use Latisse lash serum is at night before going to bed. You have to apply the solution every day for at least fifteen weeks to witness the best outcome. As the medicine is not consumable, there is no restriction on diets or timing. But it is best to use it at a time when you do not require moving your eyes too much.

It can be a bit difficult to drive your car just after applying the serum as the liquid can enter the eyes. Also, the dirt can cause infection. So, it is best to put the serum at night, before you sleep. Do not rub the eyes or brush your eyelids after applying the serum. After applying the serum, do not apply any makeup or cosmetic on the skin. Wait for the serum to get absorbed, then use any makeup if required. 

How long does it take to see results with Latisse?

With the regular application of Latisse Australia, you get an effective and visible outcome within a span of four months. Doctors recommend using the eyelash serum for fifteen to sixteen weeks regularly. It does not fetch you overnight eyelash growth. You will be able to notice the changing volume and pigmentation of the lashes over the weeks. Apply on both eyelids with separate applicators for sixteen weeks without fail for getting the best outcome. 

The initial eyelash growth rate may be noticed after eight weeks. You have to continue applying the serum to get fuller and thicker lashes.

Do you need a prescription for Latisse?

Latisse is available in online and offline pharmacy stores and, you may require a prescription to purchase it. It is not available for purchase without a valid medical prescription. For getting thicker and fuller eyelashes, you have to consult a doctor. A doctor can prescribe you Latisse eyelash growth serum and explain the dosage details. 

Do I need to use Latisse daily?

For getting the best outcome with Latisse, you have to use the solution every day. It requires at least fifteen to sixteen weeks to show an effective output. Follow the accurate dosage and instructions to use it daily and find the desired impact on your eyelashes.

Overdose or missed dose 

Do not put extra drops of the Latisse serum on the eyelid as it can reach your eyes. It may irritate the eyes and skin. You can rinse it immediately with water or wipe it with a clean cloth. If the excess Latisse causes continued discomfort to your eyes, you must connect to an eye specialist. They can guide you with the best steps and eliminate the uneasiness caused by the overdose of Latisse. 

In the case of missing a dose of Latisse, you can continue the process of putting the serum daily. Do not apply the eyelash serum twice in one day. Maintain a consistent time for your convenience. There are no adverse effects of missing a dose. However, if you notice any discomfort in the eyes, then be quick to inform the doctor. 

Warnings and Precautions for Latisse
  • Eye infection: If you already have an eye infection, it is best to avoid using Generic LatisseIt may increase the infection and harm the eyes. 
  • Eye inflammation: Bimatoprost present in Latisse may not be suitable for someone with an allergic tendency. So, it is better to avoid Latisse if you have any allergic history with Bimatoprost. Also, in case of any side effects of Latisse, you should stop the application and immediately connect to the doctor. 
  • Bottle contamination: Bottle contamination is a common cause of eye infection. Do not contaminate the bottle of eyelash serum or use unhygienic applicators on the eyelids. It will damage the skin and infect the eyes.
  • Excess growth: Some people encounter excess growth of hair around the eyes with Latisse. If you also encounter such impacts, stop using them without further instruction from a medical expert.
Does Latisse's eyelash growth serum work?

Latisse has proven benefits in growing longer and pigmented eyelashes. You can use the eyelash serum regularly by following the accurate dose and instructions. It does not create any severe side effects on the body and yields the desired outcome within fifteen to sixteen weeks. If you do not find any difference in eyelash growth, connect to a doctor and take the treatment procedure in the correct direction to ensure eyelash growth. 

Is it safe to use Latisse?

The Latisse lash serum has FDA approval. It means the serum is safe for adult skin. Do not use it on sensitive skin areas above the eyes if you have had an injection. Also, do not apply it to children unless you get instructions from a medical expert. Adults with no allergic tendency toward bimatoprost can safely use Latisse for getting fuller and pigmented eyelashes. 

Storage information for Latisse

As Latisse is an eyelid serum, you have to ensure zero contamination of the bottle and applicator. You can store the bottle in a dry and clean place. It should be away from the reach of children or your pets. Keep the applicator clean and humid-free. After you break the seal of the Latisse eyelash growth serum package, do not keep it open. Dirt and moisture can contaminate it. Store it in an air-tight container to ensure the best storage conditions. Maintain room temperature for storage and do not put Latisse inside a refrigerator. 





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By Jane

I recently started using Latisse Eyelash Serum, and I am beyond thrilled with the results! As a busy working mother, I often don't have time to apply mascara or fake lashes to enhance my natural lashes. Latisse Eyelash Group Syrum has been an absolute lifesaver. After just a few weeks of use, my eyelashes are longer, thicker, and more luscious than ever before. Not only that, but I've also noticed that my lashes are growing back faster when I accidentally pull them out. I'm so impressed with the results that I highly recommend Latisse Eyelash serum to anyone looking for beautiful and dramatic lashes!

21 Dec 2023
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

By Eva

I absolutely love Latisse Eyelash Growth Serum! I've been using it for about 3 months now and I'm already seeing results. My eyelashes have never looked this long and thick before! It's really easy to use and doesn't take much time in the morning either. I've noticed that my lashes have become more voluminous and look healthier. I'm so happy with the results I've seen so far and would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to enhance their lashes!

08 Dec 2023
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By Rachel

I recently began using Latisse eyelash growth serum and I am so pleased with the results! The serum is easy to apply and has noticeably increased the length and fullness of my lashes in a short amount of time after using continuously . The product comes with detailed instructions and is very affordable. I would definitely recommend Latisse to anyone looking to enhance their natural lashes.

21 Nov 2023
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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