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Everything you should know about Latisse eyelash growth serum

Eyelashes are an important part of an appealing personality, but everyone’s eyelashes could not develop properly due to different reasons which sometimes be genetic or some other reason.

Latisse is a known eyelash serum that contains 0.03 bimatoprost. This serum was originally developed for the treatment of glaucoma, but during this research, it is found useful in the growth of eyelashes.

Latisse is an effective lash serum for the development of thick, longer eyelashes.

How to use Latisse?

Latisse is an eyelash growth serum that comes in a bottle form along with an applicator. put a Latisse drop on the applicator provided with the Latisse bottle. Apply Latisse equally on eyelashes using a sweeping motion.

Remove excess Latisse by wiping it off so it cannot come into contact with your skin and have any side effects.

keep your Latisse bottle properly and keep it away from unclean and contaminated surfaces

You can use Latisse in the daytime also, but to get more effective results it is better to use Latisse in Latisse before going to bed so Latisse can get enough time to be absorbed by the eyebrows properly.

To get good results, you should use Latisse regularly for a few months you should remove makeup from your face and wash it properly before applying Latisse.

Also in case you are wearing eye contact, remove the eye contact to avoid any reaction while applying Latisse.

Does Latisse cause dark circles?

As you know, Latisse helps grow thicker and darker, long eyelashes. Yes, there is a possibility it can darken your skin, but this problem has a solution there are some products available that you can use to reverse the effect of darkening skin and reverse it to normal, it will take a few months for this change to happen.

One most common question that comes to many people’s minds is whether you can use Latisse if you have dry eyes.

Yes, you can use Latisse, but you should use it with lubricating ointment.

it is recommended to wait for a few minutes at least 5-10 minutes after applying Latisse and get it dry and then use lubricating ointment.

How much does Latisse cost?

Latisse is an approved and effective product for the growth of eyelashes. Latisse eyelash serum price varies from where you buy it and how many bottles you buy.

Can your wear mascara while using Latisse?

Yes, you can wear mascara while using Latisse eyelash growth serum. but as mentioned above remove all makeup or any other cosmetic product before applying Latisse but keep one thing in mind that Latisse doesn‘t work in place of mascara, it is an eyelash serum used for the growth of the long, thick eyelashes and on the other hand mascara just highlight those new eyelashes.

Since Latisse is prescription based, it is always advised to use by only that person to whom it is prescribed. people who have any issues with their eyes should avoid using it to avoid any side effects.

It is safe to use Latisse for eyelash development, but it is always better and advised to consult an opthalmologist before you use Latisse.